Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect MPT 1/2″

  • Lifelong use for brewing applications.
  • Food grade stainless steel 304 material.
  • Female QD with 1/2″ male NPT on the end for easy connectivity.
  • Silicon O ring inside for leak-free connections and temperature range is -40° to 250° F.
  • Be widely used in connection to Plate Wort Chillers,Mash-tun,Wort Pumps, Kettle Stock Pot etc.
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Product Description

Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect MPT 1/2″ To upgrade your brew system,and make your life easier,thread these quick disconnects on your kettle,mash-tun,pump and chiller! When used with the male quick disconnect,they seal up very well in either flow direction.They will save your time and prevent messes.They make things interchangeable for cleaning,and provides quick installation and removal.