CIRCUIT SYSTEMS M1003 4-USB Port Step-Down Power Supply Converter Board Module DC 12V 24V 40V

Product description

All equipment for 5v, appliances within 25 w, such as MP3, MP4, ‘t a MP5, cell phone, tablet, navigation, Vehicle traveling data recorder, and a bluetooth device, can use at the same time, also be used on the LED power supply. The power connect between the cathode and anode, input is completed, There will be a voltage output.And with two USB output will be normal work, provide standard 5 v, Used for all kinds of electrical appliances USB socket provide standard 5 v voltage, directly.USB plug in the USB socket, then can be used. It’s compatible A5268 chip and is the only safe and efficient. A5268 chip protection mechanism, the output voltage is zero. Efficient, synchronous rectifier way, efficiency is as high as 94% above. All copper plate and excellent performance, four USB is all of brass.

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SKU: 1099b72be4f8

Product Description

  • Name: USB Step-down Power Supply

  • Material: A5268 chip and copper

  • Dimensions:37 * 47 * 18mm

  • Current: 5 A maximum

  • Must be at 9 ~ 40 v wide input can be used in the car.

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